Science in Islam

Science in Islam

It is not permitted to understand the science in Islam as a

Concerned only with science

The rulings and etiquette, and that nothing to do with Islam Science
Cosmic or science
Material, such understanding is wrong. That
Islam was a comprehensive
To all forms of human activity, including research
Cosmic, has ordered
Rights reconstruction of the universe subjugated to him, and that
Means in
The same time that the universe is subject scenes
The recognition and consideration, and that
Manifestations are not vague thing in mysterious does not explain, and
Able to take advantage of the universe and the exploitation of its wealth on a broader
Scope for a secure life and prosperity, he says,
Interpretation of the meaning) and mocked what you
In the heavens and the earth all of it (, he says,
Says:) and mocked you night and day and the sun and
The moon and the stars
Ordering that are subjected in this are Signs for a people who
Understand? (. And guidance
Quran in this regard is the confirmation of the spirit of the proper scientific method
Rights, which is pushing to try to explore
What is Anonymous
The universe and its phenomena on the basis of trust
The ability of man
And science in the face of nature. It is a sign that the science in Islam is

Limited itself

Certain blessings of Allaah be upon him

Him: "You know the affairs of

Worldly, "and this would open the door wide open

Reason to deduce from

Types of science Malahsr him, including Maitalq

With politics

, Economics, sociology, etc., than if it is

Text. Hopes

Meaning in the words of Imam Fakhruddin Razi in this regard when
Interpretation of the words of Almighty God: "The Harohm in

It, "
Has handed down many conversations that the Prophet Muhammad
God be upon him:
Many consultation for his companions, and an interview with Abu
Him: "Maroit anyone ever been more advice
To his companions of the Messenger
God peace be upon him: and became
Consultation database
Legitimacy, hence the "good" and Sufyan bin
"but is
Messenger of God peace be upon him: The
A role model for others in the
Consultation and become a year in the nation, while the Prophet Muhammad
Upon him: people's mind was fuller, but the
Creation science is not
Infinite, is not unlikely that occur to a person unless it shall notify the
Another human being the object of interest, particularly with
Do things
Minimum, he said peace be upon him: "You
I know the affairs of
Things of this world "and also Qasaly Allaah be upon him
Him: "Machaor people
But never ordered them to raze it to the rational, "This means that
Interests of the people
Many saturated and can not be identified, and differ from
Time to
Time, and place to place no limit in Islam, then what can be
That the human mind Istnbth types of science
Interests of the people changing from one time to
Time, and place to
Place, and this is the one who paid the Islamic scholars to
Industries considered
For example, the adequacy of assumptions, and industries based on science
Material, such as the nature of Space science, chemistry, life
, Engineering, agriculture and other necessary for the society
And study of worship
God Almighty, which is also the adequacy of assumptions.
Some scholars have also - and this indicates
Depth perception - that the Crown is to arrange the necessary industries of Muslims and which causes the loss of any of them critical of Muslims, if doing so is sinful because it falls Muslims in embarrassment. Suffice it to note in this regard to what it says "al-Ghazali" Vyktab nine centuries ago: "Knowing the revival of religion" under the heading "Statement of the flag is to impose enough:" The imposition of efficiency (a science commendable) all knowledge is indispensable in the strength of things medicine as the minimum necessary in the need for physical survival, and Kal_husab it is necessary in the transaction and the apportionment of wills and inheritance, and others. This is the science which, if vacant the country, who is not embarrassed by the wonders of medicine, we say that the account of the duties of skills, the assets of the industries also hypotheses Kfilahp and sewing skills ........ And others. To conclude from the above is not true that science
Called for in Islam is the only religious knowledge
But intended to pay all knowledge of ignorance, both in the
The area of religious or worldly things, and then do not
Conflict between science and religion in Islam in any way.

If the sense of contemporary scientific research
Is limited in two areas: the world's largest and the world
Smaller the Koran have been alerted to this in
Says:) We shall show them Our portents on the horizons and in
Themselves until it is clear to them that they not stop the right
Lord that everything martyr (Research in
Prospects, and look to the selves they finish
Discovery of the laws of creation and knowledge of the Creator.