What has the last release

What has the last release

Curse of the Egyptian intelligence service files

By / Dr. Samir Mahmoud Qudaih
Researcher in security affairs and strategichttp://www.moqatel.com/openshare/Behoth/Dwal-Modn1/Egypt/Flag01.GIF

Part I:
Industry client
In the morning on a cold rainy winter days of January 68 within the old building in the gardens next to the dome of the palace completely and in a dim hall protruding three men dressed in civilian clothes mired in clouds of cigarette smoke kind of people is widespread and scattered around an empty coffee cups and did not touch the food package wallow files between green Itcefhunha accurately and attention
Location is to administer the follow-up of the Jewish community in Egypt and the three men, two officers of tasks, but officials from this administration and a leader of the device
Objective: To elect a person of the Jewish community at the age of adolescence and youth on the threshold (from 17 to 19 years) to be appointed to Egypt in the depth of the Israeli army
A week ago and only one from this position was operations officer within the margin of the device known as Saqr make room slowly towards his immediate superior proposal in advance of the crazy four-page requires only need to plant an Egyptian agent, in the heart of the Israeli army began the smallest level possible and that this client has a Jewish heart Jewish identity and Jewish history in advance
Was an act of madness could lead the veteran officer, such a proposal after the Israeli invasion of the whole area of the Sinai peninsula, only seven months ago
Having become the Jewish community in Egypt, the focus of all Egyptian and international destinations after the outcasts have become masters in Egypt, half of them fled to Israel via the Red Cross Tibki claiming persecution and a handful of them suffer from insomnia and fear
Saqr peace proposal to Mr. Zaher direct boss, a world he would not know what he will be on it, but he was confident that he will study the proposal in detail and a solution has
By leaving the office of Mr. Zaher shrugged off his head, everything on the report and went to a section later waiting to hear the new message from the client forthcoming in Tel Aviv 313
Since the birth of the proposal until the process ended did not know Mr. Saqr never What happened about it
But Mr. Fouad one of the leaders made an adjustment device which is simple, but it is impossible to find one Jew and his loyalty to Egypt, however, because copyright is a betrayal
Therefore, the solution is an Egyptian agent, is granted a name and Jewish identity in full and create a family history
In normal conditions, can create a character such as these is a degree of difficulty but not impossible
Either this personal between the ages of 17 to 19 years only because he's crazy training alone takes at least 3 years before getting sick to the stage that can penetrate the client center with sufficient experience hostile to avoid a discovery
Nevertheless engaged Follow-up Section of the Jewish community to sort out files, members of this community
Even signed a stunning surprise
Small picture of a young Jew of Moroccan origin and the picture at the age of 16 years
Mr. Fouad looked at her very surprised by the request of his colleagues to end the search and focus on this particular young man
He personally knew an Egyptian national to the core and almost be a brother of the Jewish healing in terms of form
And has been active investigation of the history of this young man for a whole week, day and night
Samuel Ben-Nun
The eldest son of a Jewish garment trader roaming live Jewish quarter Sakakini
Aip Jewish Moroccan origin back to the grandfather settled in Cairo in the early twentieth century, a family of semi-destitute
Is the eldest son has a sister and one small
Was traveling with his father, between the villages and hamlets to sell the business by cheap textiles from Mali and the poor on credit
Disappeared one day two years ago and was told to escape the harsh conditions of growing up or rebellion on the look in the eyes of the people despised him as a Jew
His father, who spent less than a month after the
It did not take months, even burnt blind mother and daughter in their house as a result of the small bulb may Ahrguethma
Ideal conditions for synthesis rates of a client certificate
Remained the most important
Wayne Samuel Ben-Nun?
Search teams found him dying in the hospital with chest Abbassiya doctor and tell them that he would not have left more than two days only
These two days was quite enough to know where disappeared for two years and how they fled to Alexandria to work on a felucca small fishermen and associate with Rais Abdullah Taamaa days to be able to escape to Greece
Disease and chest and bleeding seemed no longer possible to continue to employ Aris Abdullah giving him a small amount of money he decided to return his family to die central
But he never knew Maasabhm only fainted on the train and taken to hospital and then to the Chest Hospital where he died
He was buried quickly and hastily by the Egyptian intelligence different name and identity did not know of his death only members of the Office of the follow up of the Jewish community
Part II:
Why is this person only to draw the attention of Mr. Fouad?
Who is the client that can be planted in his shop and old not to exceed 18 years and be identical in form with him?
Healey is estimated for this process to succeed in this critical time where Showtimes for training, preparation, or camouflage?
Is a not to exceed eighteen can fend for fully behind enemy lines, even up to a sensitive site in the leadership of the Israeli army suspected that without one?
All these questions took place in the mind of head of planning and operations, cutting off the long hallway and out of the front door and his car under heavy leak today and walk the streets of Cairo Alhuzeinh heading home
At the same moment in the house of Mr. Fouad brought his wife, Mrs. Raifa lunch dishes in front of her husband, Mr. Fouad and his son Amr, the great help of his fiancee Najla from the table.
Amr engineering student at the prep is full of explosive determination and ambition to the core national sports hero and comfort, and his fiancée and neighbor at the same time of Arts student Najla
After the end of lunch he asked his son, the father of his fiancee until her delivery and return to the private conversation was important,
He smiled, Jr., granting a request of his father and his promise to quickly return
While closed Amr room behind the office and look good to his father Mr. Fouad questionably
Mr. Fouad: Egypt Betheb Iaamr?
Amr: Maine Mbihbc Egypt Iapapa!!!
Mr. Fouad: wish for serve?
And: soul Iapapa
Mr. Fouad: whatever the sacrifices?
Amr: whatever the sacrifices
A. You are subject Qlguetni Pope

Part II
Mr. Fouad: possible Mconc Atkelmt with you before this minute on the nature of my job
Confidentiality is the basis of our world and without them, everything collapses
I on behalf of Egypt Heclvk mission
  be rendered difficult IaamrOnly

Httkhali for every need
Htensee every moment in your life and integrate into a new life and experienced all Jawarg
Variability Hatlob you every need in your life and give up the dream of all her tits on your Ashan
Estimated Iaamr?
Amr:: Papa ... You Rbitni on religious and my love
Taught me that the sacrifice of honor for ladies Ainalh only pay whatever the skilled
To come and the day to Egypt, asking for the son of the sons Ashan bricks in the wall of the freedom and the wall of security and cowed, whatever the sacrifices Misthakc for there to be an Egyptian
Mr. Fouad: Httkhali for every need Iaamr
Htensee Htensee your family and you are Egyptian and I am a Muslim
The Lake Htensee father, mother alive
Htensee Najla and Htensee studies and Arab Htensee
And much much Htsali Htsom
Rendered as the demands of Chil arms Wesh, sons of your country and it is tolerant Ti_tm thy sight, and laugh
Rendered as demands that all truth Elly Joaq Mtakrjc never on the verge
Htattabr Amr Nassar died and burying actually on the beginning of your task
Matt and much Herdja Tignes Iaamr
(Healey  .... can sacrifice to reach this limit robot?)
Amr: whatever task was to de Whatever the sacrifice ... Mush Dah Ashan Iapapa Egypt?
(I do not know I read this part of what I remembered Abraham, he says to his son Ismail ether I saw in a dream I Azbg Verde Ismail composure: Maamrt carried out by Daddy and find me, God willing, the patient!!)
The next morning in a closed meeting included eight people, including Mr. Fouad and Mr. Zaher
Mr. Zaher amazement and disbelief: son Iavwad!!!!
Mr. Fouad: everything for the sake of Egypt underestimates the first and foremost, Egypt
Elapsed the meeting, the move to the executive steps directly
Despite all Maitard with the basis for their work, despite the rule that says: do not fall in love with the client
And how to prevent Mr. Fouad same love of his only son !!!!!
It was necessary to hide Amr Fouad life completely and beautify a simple surgery to modify the barrier and narrow nose with big eyes a little to turn to the spitting image of Samuel Ben-Nun
Not need to teach Hebrew as Samuel the son of Nun did not already spoken, but to be extensive training and dozens of hours with the experts of the other side to re-design and configure personal quiet and taciturn to Samuel, son of Nun, a place the real figure Amr Fouad
All this under the penalty of success or failure
All of this before it is actually planted in the Jewish community once again
After this less than a week in a violent incident in the area of Heliopolis, when he collided with Laurie military troop transport vehicle a small Egyptian common proliferation and led to the burn state completely and to convert from in the car to the small coal burning
This car is a car donated by Mr. Fouad to his only son, Amr for excellence in the study
It was officially announced the death of Amr Fouad at the age of eighteen years affected by burns he suffered in the incident
Mother collapsed the poor and the bereaved fiancee
Loom and grief on the face of the Father who knows that the incident was fabricated, and which was burned in the car is just to push for an unidentified deceased died a few days ago
The young man was aware of the superior the next day Cilla Black to Inaah all who knew him from friends and colleagues in its entirety and neighborhood
Continued mourning for three days amid the mother of all
And most so-Father, who wrote of God that he be his son dead and alive in the
All this going on while Amr lying inside one of the halls of the Awakening of the post-surgery in the hospital and the Nile Valley at a time when cosmetic surgery in which a form of imagination
He knew he had reached the point of no return
He knew that from now will not return Amr Nassar, but Samuel is the son of Nun Jewish Moroccan-born Egyptian nationality
He had spent the entire day last week with a team of experts who z freeze the other side to qualify to become the Samuel Ben-Nun
Now this is the final step
It has become the face of Samuel Ben-Nun
It has become the son of Nun, Samuel ..........

Moved a small black car plates taxi one morning, they plundered the road looted shortly after dawn prayers at the last point seen by Samuel Ben-Nun
Railway Station, Egypt
Inside the car in this short trip a relatively shorter than ten minutes, the driver sat Mr. Zaher In the back seat sat Amr Fouad dressed Samuel Ben-Nun, flanked by an old suitcase that remains of Samuel Items
Mr. Zaher: Samuel .. Minutes and start your mission .. I Henslk in the last place where Samuel Achav
Samuel Httqms personality completely .. Htakrj from the train station and head to the home of Samuel and place on your family
During the coming period, all measures and actions to Httakzha in Egypt can be rendered without the slightest aid of our
Without the slightest touch Pena
And the possible encounter obstacles and Mtantzerc from us because we meddle in the day of days for your past Elly Hethari subspecies of all this
All this Ashan Aunt Rose Iasamuiil
(Mstalaa Aunt Rose was a real term for the Egyptian intelligence used as the name of Cody to Egypt with their customers, at a time)
Flames had eased soon smile on the lips Amr responded, saying voice a mixture of sadness challenge: Ashan Aunt Rose Ayasd Zaher
The car stopped in the dark corner of the Iron Gate simultaneously completely with the arrival of the train coming from Alexandria, Amr jumped out quickly on Mr. Zaher muttered softly: God with you Iaamr
Amr merged with battalions of people emerging from the front door of the station Mtdthera old black coat from the cold, accompanied by rain that morning
And started walking in front of the Railway Station, Egypt and even the Jewish quarter Balskaksni as he did Samuii always
That morning I wake up neighbors at the Voice of the roads on the door of the house the old railway, which was inhabited by Samuel with his family
Old neighbor opened the door, rubbing her eyes with astonishment, saying: Samuel you .. You Fein boy Bakalk years .. kills Dakhu Edoro you
Samuel's response: "They are my family Fein Iaam Fawzi?
Fawzi replied or confused: your family? Kills Iadhanaya you live
Amr has perfected the role of representation when they exclaim collapse: Eh !!!!!!!!!! Mato what way? What do you Mato Sabuni Iaam Fawzi
Embraced the good old collapsed in tears after meeting around Iwassouna good neighbors with them said: Your father is dead boy is going back after you Maachtvi few months you and your mother and Rachel Mkmiloc Iadhanaya month after Cuba Beckham
Amr has perfected the role of the collapse and lost consciousness and drive parents to a house or old neighbor Fawzi trying to rouse him and mitigation for
(Did not prevent the fact that the neighbor Samuel Egyptian Jewish neighbor or old Fawzi cooperation despite the fact that her son enlisted in the firing line in the front line fighting the Israelis, Jews as well)
In the days following Atagafn Amr game completely and diving to the core of being Samuel Ben-Nun ID card when they rent a room in a guest house owned by an ailing old woman in Greece Clot your street and began to struggle to get of the remaining papers and documents to prove his identity on a visit the rabbi in charge of the temple in Alhudy Ahmed Said Street to pray for the souls of his family
And fought a bitter struggle in the police department Waili order to obtain a residue that has been his family's belongings Tharizha and impounded after their death and all that did not come out a few old photographs, a pocket watch belonging to his father and Celestine medals and certificates of birth is his sister and his father's card and personal
The photocopy of the certificate of academic qualification
Have also been arrested for a qualifying period of 12 days in the police department itself amid criminals and thieves
Been rejected in the work in each hand, which for that he was Jewish and began a little money, which was in the possession of force
All this without any intervention or assistance from supervisors and the process was required to monitor from afar
Even one of the officials of the United Nations to visit him in a police station during his detention Waili conservatory and access to data in the framework of limited remnant of the Jews who are in Egypt, especially after Israel launched a relentless campaign alleging that Egypt Egyptian Jews arrested and ill-treat them all because they are Jews
This was submitted for the Jewish Agency in the guise of United Nations uniforms measure things smuggled out of Egypt a political refugee after rumors that Egypt intends to arrest indefinitely because it suspects of smuggling of many Jews of Greece during the period of his work on the boat Rais Abdullah last year
When it began in March to replace warm throughout Egypt was employing all measures of Samuel son of Nun, the Jewish Agency, who fought a bitter war for him, he and 8 others from the Egyptian Jews to take him out of Egypt had been successful and able to measure the Jewish Agency of visas to travel to Argentina in the stronghold of the Mossad Latin America during the day
Then began Samuel Ben-Nun, or Amr Fouad to manifest openly hostile to Egypt and began to talk he would return to Cairo again but with the army Asriil
One morning in mid March has moved a small chartered plane carrying the slogan Airalitalia on the runway at Cairo airport carrying a number of UN diplomats and members of the International Red Cross and the Jews Slmo nine minutes before the documentation of their nationality and Egyptian Gadro the land of Egypt
Altmat look sadness in the eyes of Samuel, believes the land of Egypt and the plane departed from it
May not be one of us was at his side at this moment, but I wish I can assure you that if the plane crashed on the ground until he dies on the land of Egypt
The plane landed in Buenos Aerzelmdp 48 hours during which a simple transfer to a hotel before they reach another plane, a high-traveling with a number of representatives of the Embassy of Israel to Tel Aviv

Samuel was the youngest
Assumes that Aithdt only Arabic and a little English (as opposed to Amr, who was fluent in French with fluent English by studying at De La Salle College and is fluent in Russian by a little amount of time spent with the mother at one time in Moscow)
The Jewish Agency, working in a flurry of activity to repurchase the transfer of Jews in the diaspora to the Promised Land also refers propaganda and then scattered in the streets of Europe and was re-Samuel and those with him, although who are a small but a major blow to understanding Egyptian Jews could be re-used in the media and even military
First, they Kano Egyptians
(You may remember some Marzouk Haim - Israeli colonel later - who was one of the leaders of an Israeli detention camp, which was a good friend for a number of Egyptian intellectuals of his time in Egypt)
As history, which created the false Egyptian intelligence, mastery of proportions starring Samuel Ben-Nun on his young age he was a smuggler of Jews and their money into international waters, and some Greek islands while he worked on fishing boats Rais Abdullah had done a good job where he was treated as a hero Samuel media and then in the middle returning, prompting one of the leaders of the Mapai party, the Israeli and one of the heads of the Jewish Agency and then to the adoption financially (as part of campaigning was also the primary race for the doors) and to pay a special one of his senior members of the ruling Mapai and then he is esteemed Jack Beaton, a businessman and a famous Israeli Industry (Raafat Haggan later), which is to this day the only Israeli who refused to preside over the Israeli government (information and realistic it was Raafat Haggan strong candidates for the leadership of Mapai in which they were in control of the coalition government Alasiraiilp at one time was Chairman of the Party is the head of the government, the Raafat Haggan refused the job in the last minute for reasons still kept secret)

Samuel became the son of Nun, a political secretary of the officially adopted by the famous intellectual and pushed to learn the language Alabbariip with his affiliation to the Faculty of Arts in one of the universities Aasiraiilp
And has promised him a job in one of the libraries owned with a salary and housing suitable
This was the real beginning for the movement of Samuel, the son of Nun to life in Israel and this was in mid-1968
The man was quiet and taciturn hard-working collection in the study of Hebrew and collected in its entirety as well as books that he reads in his work in the branch where the famous publishing house that he belonged to the Sephardi Jews (Ambassrdiem), who forced the circumstances of not learning the Hebrew language
There was no any kind of contact or even try to connect between the Egyptian intelligence and him with the exception of a thin card of congratulations sent to Rome to Aunt Rose, which was Aiml to talk about it as the last remnant of his relatives on earth
The card on the occasion of Eid Jewish Kabbalah with the words I hope you abundant health and long life
Son Samuel
A simple cryptographic message indicated that it has stabilized recently, and the address on the envelope is the address of correspondence safe in Israel
Continued his monotonous continue on the same vein until noon one day in November 1968 Cold

This is a story planted spy Amr Tolba, who had an operation and a significant impact on the minds of all working groups is the Egyptian Abjahasalmkhabrat where he was able then to volunteer apparently against his will in the army and a result of his courage and his boyhood youth made him be in the army forts in the Bar Lev line and there could move freely between the lines, fortresses and military patrols to paint all meticulously Egyptian intelligence and here we find that the training of students in Amr The Egyptian Military Academy and some sections of the intelligence disciplines to learn that says thus able to prove the merit and excellence and working in the most important places, which was prepared by the Israeli army from the most powerful secret places immunization and did not know by one of his father Fuad students sad intelligence officer in Egypt because his son has missed its own future and here was the intelligence in a row and making his father graduated from the Military Academy's first lieutenant and all the secret was told this so pleased to assure that future did not put Amr remained active in his work and strong of competent spies in the whole of Israel in this period until the glorious October War, which Astbsl in the news about all information located in his hand, even on Oct. 9, who received the military command of the military intelligence ordered to return and withdraw from the position which is almost now under Egyptian control, but he refused and insisted on complete its tasks, but under the insistence by the stand at the point agreed to meet the helicopter from the Egyptian military intelligence, to capture and return it, but he was awaiting helicopter to open the radio without the careful and continued here in the transmission of all important military information which he had knowledge of codes, including wireless transmission to most military Israeli ground branches of the military leadership has achieved a great interest for the valiant battle tanks, which began after his death, a martyr of rounds of artillery wrong from the Egyptian side, which I believe he was preparing for helicopter Nania important leadership for a secret mission to Ayalmha The battery is a parameter provisional cease-fire until rescue Zabott Amr who was promoted to the rank of a martyr has been recovered his body and return it to Egypt
And thanks to Egypt triumphed in the battle tanks and infantry fighting many as a result of his information of military value.

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