Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant

The Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant (, Fukushima Dai-Ichi Genshiryoku Hatsudensho?, Fukushima I NPP, 1F), often referred to as Fukushima Dai-ichi, is a nuclear power plant located in the town of Okuma in the Futaba District of Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. The plant consists of six boiling water reactors. These light water reactors have a combined power of 4.7 GW, making Fukushima I one of the 25 largest nuclear power stations in the world. Fukushima I was the first nuclear plant to be constructed and run entirely by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO).
In March 2011, in the immediate wake of the Sendai earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese government declared an "atomic power emergency" and evacuated thousands of residents living close to Fukushima I. Ryohei Shiomi of Japan's nuclear safety commission said that officials were concerned about the possibility of a meltdown.
Fukushima II Nuclear Power Plant, 11.5 kilometres (7.1 mi) to the south, i also run by TEPCO.
The reactors for units 1, 2, and 6 were supplied by General Electric, for units 3 and 5 by Toshiba, and unit 4 by Hitachi. Architectural design for General Electric's units was done by Ebasco. All construction was done by Kajima. From September 2010, unit 3 has been fueled by mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel.  Units 1–5 had/have a Mark 1 type (light bulb torus) containment structure, unit 6 has Mark 2 type (over/under) containment structure.
Unit 1 is a 439 MW boiling water reactor (BWR3) constructed in July 1967. It commenced commercial electrical production March 26, 1971, and was scheduled for shutdown in March, 2011. It was damaged during the 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami. Unit 1 was designed for a peak ground acceleration of 0.18 g (1.74 m/s2) and a response spectrum based on the 1952 Kern County earthquake. All units were inspected after the 1978 Miyagi earthquake when the ground acceleration was 0.125 g (1.22 m/s2) for 30 seconds, but no damage to the critical parts of the reactor was discovered.Unit     Type     First criticality     Electric power     Reactor supplier     Architecture     Construction
Fukushima I – 1     BWR-3     October 1970     460 MW     General Electric     Ebasco     Kajima
Fukushima I – 2     BWR-4     July 18, 1974     784 MW     General Electric     Ebasco     Kajima
Fukushima I – 3     BWR-4     March 27, 1976     784 MW     Toshiba     Toshiba     Kajima
Fukushima I – 4     BWR-4     October 12, 1978     784 MW     Hitachi     Hitachi     Kajima
Fukushima I – 5     BWR-4     April 18, 1978     784 MW     Toshiba     Toshiba     Kajima
Fukushima I – 6     BWR-5     October 24, 1979     1,100 MW     General Electric     Ebasco     Kajima
Fukushima I – 7 (planned)     ABWR     October 2016    1,380 MW            
Fukushima I – 8 (planned)     ABWR     October 2017     1,380 MW    

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