Secretary Interview Questions
Here are some sample secretary interview questions that would help if you are looking to prepare yourself for an interview for the post of a secretary. The key is to be prepared for all the relevant questions so you can answer confidently, convincingly and positively. One thing that employers look for in secretaries is energy, an organized and professional approach, reliability and loyalty and your answers would do well to reflect these qualities.
Some popular secretary interview questions are given below
Tell us about yourself.
Give a brief account about your background, early education, past jobs.
· What technical skills do you possess?
Give a concise account of your technical skills including a list of courses that are being pursued currently.
· Do you know how to use MS Excel?
Yes. Or whatever is the case.
· Can you use macros?
Yes. Please have an example ready with you to demonstrate.
· Can you create a calendar of projects for each manager in Excel?
You should be able to create one at that moment.
· Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
An executive position maybe. Or whatever you are seeing yourself as.
· What is your experience with meeting planning and calendar maintenance?
Give a brief, concise account with any highlights.
· What are your current working hours?
The usual hours are 9 to 5 but there have been occasions when we had to work late or on weekends.
· How do you feel about overtime?
If you have an idea of this company’s policy you may be able to find a best-fit answer.
· Why should we hire you?
Because you are the best secretary they can find.
· What are your strengths and weaknesses?
List out your strengths clearly and convincingly. All weaknesses can be converted into strength, so mention any weakness that you perceive and how you are working on converting it into a strength.
· How do you coordinate and schedule a meeting?
Efficiency, professionalism, eye for detail, ability to think for yourself keeping individuals in mind – they are all expected from you.
· How do you work with confidential information?
Very confidentially of course. This is an important aspect of being a secretary and it helps to know that you are very discreet about the knowledge that you happen across both personally and professionally.
· What are the different means by which documents may be filed?
You could do it chronologically or subject wise for starters or any other way depending on the application and necessity.
· What else should we know about you?
Press your case on why you are the best person for the job.
Prepare well for these secretary interview questions and flash your best smile
2. Please tell us a brief summary about background and how it relates to the qualifications
for this position.
3. Why do you want to work for (School District)?
4. What do you expect to be the biggest challenge with the position?
5. Describe a situation on the job when your work required you to be creative, to solve
problems, or to make a decision.
6. What characteristics do you admire most in fellow workers?
7. Describe a situation on the job when you had to work as a member of a team.
8. Do you prefer working on your own or with others? Why?
9. Suppose a supervisor or fellow worker offers a suggestion about a way to improve some
aspect of the work process, but you are certain the improvement won’t work well. How
would you respond
10What course work have you taken to prepare you for the position?
11. There are many occasions when it is necessary to prepare a written report, letter, or
memo. Thinking back on your previous experience, what are the elements of a clear and
concise written document?
12. Talk about when you have worked in a stressful situation and relate the situation to an
office setting.
13. Your supervisor has a last minute job to get done. He/she requests that you stay over for
an hour. You already have plans. If you stay the hour you will be late. How do you
handle the situation?
14. Tell us about your familiarity with computers. What experience do you have? What
programs have you worked with?
15. You are at your desk and your boss is away from the building attending a meeting. A
student runs in and shouts that a fight has broken out in the classroom. What would you
16. Throughout your education, what accomplishments are you most proud of? Describe how
it was achieved.
17. If we were to talk with your acquaintances and co-workers, how would they describe you
as a person?
18. How do you know when people clearly understand what you have communicated?
19. How do you handle confidentiality?
20. A Board member comes into the office. The Superintendent is in a meeting. The Board
member insists that he/she talk with the Superintendent. How would you handle the
21. You have been assigned a project by the Superintendent. You have a month to complete
the project. What process would you use to complete it on time?
22. Why should (School District) hire you?
23. Do you have any questions for us